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Be an inspired and inspiring host! Add a magic touch to your events with our ideas and those of our special guests.

Celebration for two

When it comes to spending some time with your sweetie, keep it simple, but with a touch of elegance.

Holiday decorating

When the time comes to decorate the house for the holiday season, remember to sprinkle a little magic around!

Cottage getaway

Weekends at the cottage means getting back to basics, spending time with friends, leisurely meals that last for hours…

Office festivities

You can’t leave for the holiday break without celebrating with your work friends.

A Chic Picnic signed by Dine&Fash : It’s All in the Details

We asked passionate food lovers what planning a chic picnic means to them. Krystle, from Dine&Fash, shared with us how a chic, outdoor picnic can turn into a unique event in and of itself! Everything is in the details: from the occasion, to the table settings and even the guests you invite. Discover how she spent the days immediately following her wedding and learn her tips on hosting parties for friends and family in style, with Boursin.

Simply festive

All too often, the holiday season seems more like a marathon than a peaceful sleigh ride. But how can you organize a joyous reunion without the stress that comes with it – and without ruining your fun? With a simple formula, a little imagination and, of course, Boursin!