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Be an inspired and inspiring host! Add a magic touch to your events with our ideas and those of our special guests.

In our articles, you’ll find tips and tricks for setting up a dream picnic table, organizing the perfect happy hour or making delicious cheese platters!

Celebration for two

When it comes to spending some time with your sweetie, keep it simple, but with a touch of elegance.

Holiday decorating

When the time comes to decorate the house for the holiday season, remember to sprinkle a little magic around!

Cottage getaway

Weekends at the cottage means getting back to basics, spending time with friends, leisurely meals that last for hours…

Office festivities

You can’t leave for the holiday break without celebrating with your work friends.

A Chic Picnic signed by Dine&Fash : It’s All in the Details

We asked passionate food lovers what planning a chic picnic means to them. Krystle, from Dine&Fash, shared with us how a chic, outdoor picnic can turn into a unique event in and of itself! Everything is in the details: from the occasion, to the table settings and even the guests you invite. Discover how she spent the days immediately following her wedding and learn her tips on hosting parties for friends and family in style, with Boursin.

Simply festive

All too often, the holiday season seems more like a marathon than a peaceful sleigh ride. But how can you organize a joyous reunion without the stress that comes with it – and without ruining your fun? With a simple formula, a little imagination and, of course, Boursin!

A perfect fall day with friends.

Terraces, parks and festivals: in summer, there are so many occasions to get together. The warm weather may now be gone, but that doesn’t mean you have to stop having fun! With its dazzling colours and unique charms, autumn boasts some beautiful days of its own. Turn these occasions into unforgettable moments by inviting your friends and Boursin over for a perfect day together.

The Boursin® Ritual

Begin the irresistible Boursin experience by indulging your temptation for an exquisite baguette fresh out of the oven. The crispy crust. The perfectly soft crumb. The perfect base for your favourite Boursin!

Chic picnic: Your best memory of the summer

In summer, nothing beats dining under the sun or the stars, especially when you turn this appetizing occasion into a special event. Whether you enjoy your spread in your backyard or in a riverside park, say goodbye to paper plates and unwieldy sandwiches that fall apart. Today, people plan picnics as though they were preparing a lavish meal: menu and decor must be a feast for the eyes!

Three versions of happy hour

We sent a “Boursin Irresistible Treat Box” to three bloggers, asking them to organize a small aperitif among friends. The concept was simple: create a Boursin Bar allowing your guests to personalize their appetizers in a friendly setting. Here’s what they put together.

The one-on-one: A delightful platter for two

After a hectic day, you look forward to quiet time at home with your companion. On the menu: Boursin cheese, a bottle of wine and the pleasure they bring. To create an atmosphere of intimacy that inspires conversation, try this platter of goodies.

The Medley: The art of pleasing everyone

It’s true that there’s something for every taste. Satisfying a palate that leans toward the sweet, salty or spicy is all about those winning combinations of cheese and accompaniments. Pairing foods of different flavours with your favourite Boursin will bring out the best of your cheese and always be a hit with your guests.

The Impromptu: Simple pleasures without the fuss

The best moments are often those that are unplanned. Stocking a few essentials is an easy way to satisfy the cravings of friends who show up unexpectedly. After all, meeting up with friends, laughing and catching up can build up an appetite!

The Gourmet: For the love of food

You’ve had a good meal in good company. Out comes the cheeseboard, and time stands still. Dinner is far from over. The cheeses circulate. The comments start to fly.