caisse picnic boursin

A Chic Picnic signed by Dine&Fash : It’s All in the Details

Aug 2, 2017

We asked passionate food lovers what planning a chic picnic means to them. Krystle, from Dine&Fash, shared with us how a chic, outdoor picnic can turn into a unique event in and of itself! Everything is in the details: from the occasion, to the table settings and even the guests you invite. Discover how she spent the days immediately following her wedding and learn her tips on hosting parties for friends and family in style, with Boursin.

We eat with our eyes first! Presentation is just as important as taste when entertaining; and when you entertain, you should create an experience, rather than host an ordinary event. An experience is what will make an impression and leave your guests with long-lasting memories! Since summer is here, a picnic is a must. You can take your picnic from basic to chic by investing a bit of time in the detail, and of course, by including Boursin!

caisse picnic boursin

The Theme

A romantic picnic for two? An all-white affair for your closest friends? Pick a fanciful theme and let the food and décor flow from there!


The Location

A park, garden, or even a rooftop. Any location can be made beautiful with the right attention to detail!


Dress Code

A chic picnic is certainly an occasion to get dressed up! A tulle skirt with pretty heels. A bowtie and suspenders. A lovely hat and white gloves. The clothes should complement the occasion and the theme.

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Set the Table

Create a beautiful tablescape. Add a table runner and greenery to the centre of the table with candles. Set the table with fine dinnerware and gold flatware. Add a few sprigs of dried Lavender on top of each napkin for a fragrant and beautiful touch.

table repas fromage boursin

What to Serve

Assemble your charcuterie on a marble board – a selection of meats, grapes, figs, and your favourite Boursin flavours. Have your guests take part in the Boursin ritual: cut the baguette, open the foil corolla like a cupcake, pierce into the cheese with a knife, spread and enjoy!

Boursin can be the star of your charcuterie board or even the main course. There are so many flavours and so many ways you can include Boursin in your meal. Just let your imagination guide you!

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pique nique tartine fromage boursin
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Bon Appétit!