The BrandBoursin’s History

Boursin's story began in northwest France in 1957, when Normandy cheese maker François Boursin set up a factory producing soft cheese.

In 1961, a French newspaper wrongly reported the launch of Boursin with garlic, an innovation that was in fact being introduced by a competing cheese brand. Following this free publicity, François Boursin spent two years perfecting his original recipe, blending garlic with fresh cream and soft cheese seasoned with fresh herbs, salt and pepper, in the local tradition.

Boursin®’s begins

Boursin Garlic & Herbs was launched in 1963 and quickly became a household name across France. In 1968, Boursin made history as the first cheese featured in a TV ad campaign. It featured famous French comedian Jacques Duby cast in the role of the first “Boursinophile,” a cheese lover unable to resist the alluring taste of Boursin whatever time of day or night. Waking in the middle of the night, he rushes to the fridge in his pyjamas shrieking for Boursin 18 times.

Boursin® today

More than 50 years later, the original recipe remains unchanged and food lovers in more than 35 countries have spread their passion for Boursin all around the world. Today, the brand offers many products, including the seven flavours of Boursin Cheese sold in Canada.

The Boursin Story


In Croisy-sur-Eure, Normandy, François Boursin launches the Boursin cheese dairy, unaware that his name would become famous ....


A major newspaper inadvertently announces the launch of a Boursin cheese with garlic. In fact, it is a new product being launched by a competing brand! The distribution network is bombarded by requests for a Boursin with garlic that does not exist ....


After two years of work, François Boursin officially launches Boursin Garlic & Fine Herbs made with fresh cheese , garlic and fine herbs, a unique recipe inspired by Norman country tradition!His secret? A low-temperature production process that preserves all the flavour and quality of the ingredients. Boursin quickly becomes the must-have product for cheese platters. It transforms the fresh cheese-spread market thanks to its unique recipe and revolutionary aluminum foil wrapper, the latter of which remains one of the hallmarks of the brand and maximizes the cheese's shelf life.


Launch of Boursin Pepper


On October 1, 1968, at precisely 7:55 p.m., Boursin makes French television history by becoming the first brand to be featured in an ad campaign just before the eight o'clock news. It is a genuine revolution at the time. France already has six million black-and-white TV sets across the country, and François Boursin anticipates the benefits of a television appearance. Viewers see a well-known actor cast as an insomniac tormented by an irresistible craving for Boursin. He gets out of bed in his pyjamas and rushes to the refrigerator chanting "Du Boursin" eighteen times. This first "Boursinophile" spawned many imitators.


The famous slogan "Bread, wine, Boursin" is a stroke of genius that captures the spirit of several generations. This slogan is still remembered today.


Unilever acquires the Boursin brand.


Launch of the cooking aid Boursin Cuisine: a ready-to-use gourmet quality blend made with fresh cream and fine herbs, to add a touch of flavour to any dish.


Boursin joins the Bel Group.


Boursin cheeses are now produced locally in Canada.


Launch of the Boursin Cuisine flavour Tomato and Mediterranean Herbs.


Launch of the Boursin Cheese with Goat Cheese & Rosemary.


Launch of the Boursin Cheese flavour Red Chili Pepper.


Launch of the « guests » commercial


Today, Boursin continues to seduce cheese lovers around the globe. It operates under the same name in more than 35 countries on five continents.


Launch of the « robber » commercial


Launch of the Boursin Bouquet of Basil & Chive


Launch of the « Swing » commercial


Launch of the new Apple & Maple flavour
Launch of Boursin Portions
Introduction of the limited edition Gourmet Trio


Launch of the new Fig & Balsamic flavour