plateau picnic avec boursin

Brunchin’ with Boursin signed by basics with Bails

Boursin Planch with ham

One of my most fond memories as a child was helping my grandmother make big Sunday family brunches. We always included pancakes or waffles, quiche, hash browns, and a little charcuterie board filled with meats, cheese, and fresh fruit! Boursin was always my favourite cheese (especially the Cranberry and Pepper), so when they came out with their newest flavour, Apple & Maple, I had to recreate brunch with Boursin to do my grandmother proud!

Boursin Planch ham grapes

I think most people shy away from making charcuterie boards because it seems intimidating and hard to make aesthetically pleasing. Imagine if you found out it’s actually the secret to a super chill, no-stress brunch or holiday gathering? Over the years of making MANY charcuterie boards, I wanted to share my top 6 tips on how to make the ultimate charcuterie board!

1. Vary textures on the board – using a variety of textures is pleasing to the eye and the palate! I like using hard salamis like chorizo, along with some thinly sliced meats like prosciutto.

2. Cheese is a MUST – Is there anything better than cured meats with cheese?? No. The answer is no, there is not. I recommend Boursin, every single time! It is so creamy and crumbly, making it perfect for charcuterie!

3. CARBS – of course. Baguette’s are my favourite, but you can also serve it with crackers. Keep it simple. The bread is just a vehicle for all the other toppings you’re adding to it!

4. Fresh fruit – I love switching up my fruit depending on the season! Apples, pears, figs, and grapes are great in the summertime. In the winter I like using red and black berries, cranberries, and pomegranate seeds. Fruit adds a gorgeous colour to the board, as well as adds sweetness and lots of flavour!

5. Don’t forget the garnishes and condiments! – Jams, jellies, mustard, and delicious dips are a great way to add some “zip” to the board! I like to garnish with rosemary and other fresh herbs to pull everything together!

Boursin Planch with grapes

Now it’s time to go try it out yourself and impress your friends and family! I hope you find time this summer to make a delicious brunch with all my tips and tricks, and of course, Boursin cheese!