The Medley: The art of pleasing everyone

May 31, 2016

It’s true that there’s something for every taste. Satisfying a palate that leans toward the sweet, salty or spicy is all about those winning combinations of cheese and accompaniments. Pairing foods of different flavours with your favourite Boursin will bring out the best of your cheese and always be a hit with your guests.


Generally speaking, cheese goes very well with the sweet taste of fruit. To refresh the palate between cheese bites, fresh fruits such as pears, apples and grapes are timeless classics. Seasonal harvests can also provide a source of inspiration: strawberries and cherries in late spring; raspberries, peaches, cantaloupe and watermelon in the summer; figs and ground cherries in early fall. In the winter, the emphasis is on dried fruits such as apricots, dates and cranberries.

Jams, chutneys and jellies will also delight those with a sweet tooth, and the choices in most supermarkets are almost limitless. But nothing beats homemade cherry jam or apple jelly made with grandma’s recipe!

For the cheese, if your goal is to contrast the sweet flavours, consider Boursin Shallot & Chive. If you’re looking for a milder taste, treat yourself to Boursin Cranberry & Pepper.


Lightly salted crackers are a quick and easy way to add a touch of salt to your platter. Stick with neutral flavours rather than crackers seasoned with pepper or rosemary, as these don’t necessarily pair well with all cheeses.

A few slices of sausage, prosciutto or salami are great for instantly adding a festive, gourmet touch to your platter. For a different taste experience, experiment with your pairings: wrap a strip of dried duck breast around blanched asparagus, prosciutto around a date stuffed with Boursin, or Serrano ham around pieces of cantaloupe.

Fresh cheeses loaded with character, such as Boursin Garlic & Fine Herbs, are a great accompaniment with your favourite salty appetizers.



Vegetables in brine, such as pickles and cocktail onions, lend a crispy texture and deliciously tart taste to your platter for those partial to these flavours.

But why settle for just these condiments? A number of vegetables, including carrots, cucumbers, radishes and cauliflower, lend themselves well to quick marinades that soak for 24 hours. The subtle sourness of the marinade pairs perfectly with the taste of mild but slightly tart cheeses such as Boursin Cranberry & Pepper and Boursin Goat Cheese & Rosemary.



It’s well known that hot spices awaken the taste buds with an explosion of flavour … in the right doses. This is the case with Boursin Red Chili Pepper and Cracked Black Pepper, which balance spiciness with the taste of fresh cheese. To temper these fiery flavours, choose fresh accompaniments with more neutral flavours, such as raw vegetables, fresh fruit or nuts.

Conversely, those who want to keep the fire hot will prefer spicier combinations: toasted bread with Boursin Red Chili Pepper and a slice of chorizo, bite-size wraps of Boursin Cracked Black Pepper and speck, a type of smoked prosciutto, or Mexican-flavoured nacho shells.