The Impromptu: Simple pleasures without the fuss

May 31, 2016

The best moments are often those that are unplanned. Stocking a few essentials is an easy way to satisfy the cravings of friends who show up unexpectedly. After all, meeting up with friends, laughing and catching up can build up an appetite! Ready in a jiffy, the Impromptu platter puts everything you have on hand to good use. Naturally, it all starts with Boursin.


Melba toast, unsalted crackers, cherry tomato skewers, some fresh vegetables (don’t forget the snow peas, beans or zucchini!), nuts and marinades (olives, pickles, cocktail onions, etc.) are all a good start. But don’t hesitate to go through your preserves: artichoke hearts, heart-of- palm slices, marinated mushrooms and tangerine quarters are all great additions to your platter. Accompany them with your favourite Boursin, and let the fun begin!

To make sure you’re never caught short, the secret is to stock foods with a long shelf life … and replace what you use.

If your guests are feeling particularly peckish, consider serving more substantial fare such as cold cuts, sausages or salmon mousse. Take a peek in the pantry since a can of tuna, salmon, mussels or smoked oysters can be just what you’re missing. You may even find that exquisite duck terrine your friends brought back from Europe – a sure-fire way to impress your guests!


Simplicity always seems to taste better! Get out your nicest cutting board or a large platter to accommodate your bite-size treats. Your cutting board has seen better days? None of your plates seem appropriate for your feast? No worries! Cover your board or a large baking sheet with parchment paper and place your Boursin (you know you don’t have to settle for just one, right?) in the centre of your toppings. The final touch: decorate your platter with a drizzle of balsamic reduction, a few knobs of port jelly or sprigs of fine herbs.