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The Chic Picnic, a truly magnificent day!

Sep 23, 2016

It’s a beautiful, sunny Saturday at the Floralies Gardens. A limousine pulls up and drops off the winner of the Chic Picnic, along with their friends. The Boursin team welcomes them warmly. Today is going to be a fantastic day!

Let the Chic Picnic commence !


As the Chic Picnic gets underway, a group of musicians fills the plush atmosphere with their melodies in the heart of the magnificent garden.

On the menu: a game of pétanque with friends, and delectable appetizers prepared by Kimberly Lallouz’s team.

After a delightful game, it’s time to eat. The guests are invited to sit at the beautifully decorated table. They eat, they talk. It’s an enchanting picnic, an absolutely irresistible day!

Have a seat