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A chic picnic signed by The farmer’s daughter

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This post is sponsored by Boursin. As always, my opinions are my own. Thanks for supporting brands that keep me cooking!

Oh Hi friends! I am so excited to be partnering with Boursin to share a few of my favourite picnic tips with you. I am so excited for the long Summer evenings to come, which just beg for you to go eat outside.

1) Keep things simple. That means, limit the amount of food you bring, stick with bite sized items, and fruit or veggies that don’t need cut or peeled. Stick with the basics, and nothing too gooey or fussy. I’m all about bringing as little as possible, and creating as few dishes as possible!

2) Choose a couple things that will elevate your meal from just the basics. For me, that means bringing Boursin Cheese along. I’m kind of in love with it. It has the best flavours, an incredible texture, and it’s also made with 100% Canadian milk (which makes this Canadian farm girl so happy). It’s easy to spread or crumble on crackers or bread, and it also so simple to wrap back up in its foil package if you don’t finish it all (yeah right…haha). I also used prosciutto, sun-dried tomatoes, and a few fresh herbs from my garden as toppings to make the baguette a little more sophisticated without a lot of effort.

picnic boursin dans un champs
pique nique fromage boursin

3) Find the perfect location. We held our picnic in my family’s apple orchard, where we were surrounded by fruit trees, and the only sound around was the wind and the birds. You want it to be beautiful, but not too far away from where you park. Nobody wants to lug everything 10 km from the car.

4) Use an insulated tote! It’s not shown in the photos, but an insulated tote is a lifesaver on a picnic. Keep your cold things cold, and your food safe before and after eating. Picnic baskets are so cute, but not always the most practical items. I always try and balance beauty with practicality, and this might mean packing the food in an insulated tote, and the blanket, bread, etc, in a cute basket. Freeze half of your water bottles or juice that you bring as well, and they’ll act like ice packs for the rest of the food, and stay cold throughout the afternoon as well.


There you have it!  I hope you find some time this Summer to have a picnic with a few friends, it’s a bucket list item for sure!

pique nique avec boursin
tartine fromage boursin picnic

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