FAQ Boursin

Answers to some common questions about Boursin

How much cheese should a person eat each day?
Can I eat Boursin if I am pregnant (listeria ...)?
Where are Boursin products made?
How is Boursin cheese made?
Do Boursin products contain GMOs?
Does Boursin contain gluten?
Does Boursin contain potassium sorbate?
Should Boursin products be stored in the refrigerator?
Is the packaging for Boursin products recyclable?
Do Boursin products contain nuts?
Boursin® Dairy-Free — What’s the process for making Boursin Dairy-Free?
Boursin® Dairy-Free — Is it made in the same facility as traditional Boursin?
Boursin® Dairy-Free — What allergens are present in Dairy-Free Boursin and how can I be sure of this?
Boursin® Dairy-Free — How do you recommend people enjoy Boursin Dairy-Free?
Boursin® Dairy-Free — What are GMOs? Why is this product certified Non-GMO?
Boursin® Dairy-Free — What is Certified Plant-Based and is that the same as Vegan?
Boursin® Dairy-Free — Is your coconut responsibly sourced ?