A perfect fall day with friends.

13 Oct, 2016

Terraces, parks and festivals: in summer, there are so many occasions to get together. The warm weather may now be gone, but that doesn’t mean you have to stop having fun! With its dazzling colours and unique charms, autumn boasts some beautiful days of its own. Turn these occasions into unforgettable moments by inviting your friends and Boursin over for a perfect day together.



Like all special events, a dress code is compulsory. Today’s? Comfy clothes! Because in autumn, style and comfort go hand in hand. Herbal tea, coffee and hot chocolate: welcome your guests with a wide variety of comforting beverages. While your hands are warming up around the hot mugs, chat about the evening’s menu and the wonderful flavours you’d like to include in the dishes. And be sure to set the mood with some tunes—create a playlist of songs that recall precious memories.


The true joy of cooking is snacking as you go, so start your afternoon by preparing a few inspiring appetizers from the Menu page. Now, get out your pots and pans, and keep the conversation flowing. A warm ambiance with the delicious smells of cooking always leads to excellent conversation. And while your dinner is ticking away in the oven, take advantage to relax a little by having a manicure session, flipping through magazines or playing a board game. The key is to have fun together!


Set your living room table the way you would in your dining room, with a beautiful tablecloth, mini pumpkins and colourful leaves scattered here and there. And don’t forget comfy throw blankets on the couches. Take advantage of the sun setting earlier to illuminate the room with paper lanterns. They’ll add a beautiful glow to your evening. Sitting comfortably on the couches, dig in to the delightful meal you’ve prepared. Make a toast to everyone’s health. And finish your magnificent day as you often do: with your favourite film. You’re sure to all talk over it anyway 😉