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Source of culinary inspiration, Boursin® Fig & Balsamic cheese always inspires creativity in the kitchen and enhances your recipes, whether it’s for a simple snack or a sophisticated brunch.
Let yourself be seduced by its blend of Mediterranean accents which combines the sweetness of figs with the liveliness of balsamic vinegar providing your guests with delicious recipes they will not forget.

Boursin Fig & Balsamic is delicious to spread on a fresh baguette or can add a touch of refinement to your bites and appetizers.

Figue & Balsamique

Fresh cheese — Available in 150 g


– Pasteurized Milk and Cream
– Dried figs
– Balsamic vinegar
– Bacterial cultures
– Natural flavours
– Salt
– Potassium sorbate

Made in Quebec with Canadian milk.

Winning combinations to accompany this flavour:
On a cheese platter: with beets or freshly cut radishes.

In gourmet bites: on toasted country bread, with prosciutto.

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