Double Pumpkin pie


Preparation Time

30 minutes


Cooking Time

30 minutes


Type of dish


Ingredients for 6 pies

Ingredients for pumpkin pie​:

150G of Boursin puck or 1 box of Boursin bites 

2 shortcrust pastries  

600g of pumpkin (150g for the icing and 450g for the mix) 

A few walnut kernels  

Flat-leaf parsley  

Salt, pepper


For the icing of the pumpkin dice​:

1 tablespoon of sugar  

50g of butter  

4 teaspoons of water

Your Turn to Create

Double Pumpkin pie

Preparing the pie crust


Place the pastry in the into the dish and place in the oven for the time specified. Set aside. 

Preparing the pumpkin cream (to fill the pies)


Make 30 small (1cm) pumpkin cubes that will be “iced” at the next step, cook for 6 minutes in lightly salted boiling water​ and set aside.

Cut the rest of the pumpkin in large pieces, cook in salty water for 15 to 20 minutes​ until smooth.


If you have a food processor, throw in a few chunks at a time. A blender will work, too. Add a little water if needed. You can also mash it up with a potato masher, or move it through a potato ricer, or process it through a food mill. Reduce to a puree.

Add Boursin puck to the puree and set aside.


Icing the pumpkin cubes (to decorate the pies)


Cook the pumpkin cubes in a frying pan with the sugar, the butter and water until the water evaporates. The cubes need to be cooked and shiny​.

Assembling the pies


Fill each pie pan with the pumpkin cream filling and Boursin.

Top with the reserved and “iced” pumpkin, walnuts, and a parsley leaf.


Add a few pieces of Boursin ​to top it off.


To impress your relatives, put little pies on a log of wood to be fully aligned with the season mood. A green salad to get all the nutrition you need for a balanced meal is a plus​.

If you have cut too much dices, mixed them to incorporate them in the already made purée, and then freeze it. Your next week lunch is already made.