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The use of the Boursin Canada Facebook page ( is subject to the following terms and conditions, as well as Facebook’s Terms and Policies. By accessing this Page, you acknowledge that you have read these terms and agree to them.

Group Bel Canada Inc., (hereinafter “BEL”), is the owner of the Boursin Canada Facebook page at the following URL: (hereinafter the “Page”).

The presentation and content posted by BEL on the Page are protected by laws governing intellectual property, of which BEL is the sole owner.

The Page is hosted by Facebook.


1. Purpose

The Boursin Canada Facebook page is accessible free of charge on the Facebook website. Access to Facebook’s services is not the responsibility of BEL.

This page is provided solely for entertainment purposes and is by no means intended to inform the user about BEL products or enable the user to acquire BEL products.

The Boursin Canada Facebook page is a place to share ideas and make BEL aware of the expectations and requests of users. It allows users to post messages and share their comments and opinions.

Access to the page requires the ability to log in to a Facebook account.     


2. Use of the Boursin Canada Facebook page

The Boursin Canada Facebook page is intended for fans of Boursin Canada who want to discuss Boursin Canada’s products or services. The comments that they post on this site (“User Content”) do not necessarily reflect the opinions or values of Group Bel Canada Inc.

BEL does not systematically screen every post designated as User Content on its fan page.

– Quality of information

BEL takes great care and uses every means to post quality information on the Page. However, BEL cannot absolutely guarantee the accuracy and completeness of this information. As a result, BEL, subject to best efforts, shall not be held liable for any direct or indirect damages due to misused information and/or information found to be inaccurate or incomplete.

– Access to the Page

BEL shall make its best efforts to ensure that the Boursin Canada Facebook page is accessible at all times.

However, BEL declines any responsibility in the event that the Page is difficult to access or there is an interruption in service, regardless of the cause.

In particular, BEL reserves the right to make any changes deemed appropriate to the Page without prior notice, even if access to this Page is consequently interrupted.

– Links to other Web pages and sites

This Page provides access to other Web pages and/or external websites of our partners through hypertext links or the inclusion of our partners’ content on the Page. Although these links to external Web pages and sites have been carefully chosen, BEL cannot be held liable for the availability of these external Web pages and sites. It bears no liability for the content, advertising, products, services or any other material from or available on these external Web pages or sites.

BEL shall not be held liable for the acts or omissions of its partners.


3. Moderation terms and conditions of the Boursin Canada Facebook page

Comments are welcome, and BEL does not discriminate against any opinion whatsoever. However, comments and messages posted on Facebook are moderated after they are posted. Failure to comply with any of the following rules may lead to the deletion or modification of the comment or message in question.

Users shall not post any of the following on the Page:

– Comments that are of a defamatory, abusive, racist, pornographic, pedophiliac, sexist or homophobic nature, or threats that incite others to commit a misdemeanour, a crime or suicide

– Comments that reproduce private correspondence without the consent of the persons involved

– Comments that infringe upon the intellectual property rights of a third party

– Comments intended as advertising or of a promotional nature; messages displayed for the purposes of advertising, phishing or spam; or solicitations, advertisements or support for any financial, commercial on non-governmental organization

– Comments that are aggressive or vulgar

– Comments that endorse anorexia (advertising, vomiting advice, incitement to lose weight to excess, etc.)

– Comments that deal with serious subjects, such as people’s health

– Comments intended solely to include a link to an external website (spam or “trashback”).

– Comments that duplicate other postings on the Page

– Comments that infringe upon any other legal or regulatory provision in effect


The user shall be informed by BEL of any deletion or modification of a message or posting via Facebook’s private messaging service. BEL may also inform the user of the reasons for such a deletion or modification. This decision by BEL is final and cannot be appealed.

Users can be held liable for the content of their posts.

Reporting abuse

Should you encounter an offensive or questionable message, you can report it by filling out the form at the following email address: [email protected]. Make sure to indicate the URL of the post, the alias used, the message title, the date and time of the post, as well as any corrections to be made.

Replies optional

Users are free to post online and free to choose whether or not to reply to questions raised by their posts.


4. Intellectual property

Posts on the Page can only be made for personal reasons. Any post for a commercial or other purpose is prohibited. Furthermore, content published by BEL on the BEL page is protected by copyright, trademarks and other intellectual property rights, which are owned and managed by BEL, by its affiliated or related entities, or by third-party suppliers or content licensors. Therefore, any modification, representation, or full or partial reproduction for a use other than private is strictly prohibited and may constitute an act of infringement. No part of the Page grants or should be construed as conferring a licence or right to use content protected by BEL’s copyright, trademarks or intellectual property rights for commercial purposes without prior written permission from BEL.

Each user remains the owner of his or her posts and the intellectual property rights attached thereto.

Similarly, all trademarks cited on this Page are the exclusive property of BEL or are trademarks that BEL has permission to use. Any reproduction of these trademarks without the prior consent of BEL is strictly prohibited.


5. Questions about Bel products

The BEL page may not be the best place to request help regarding a BEL product. If you wish to report a specific problem, it is preferable to send an email to Customer Service at [email protected] accompanied by a description of the problem and BEL will try to answer you as soon as possible. BEL is not liable for the information provided in response to a question, comment or any other content published on the BEL page, nor for the absence of or delay in providing a response.


6. Disclaimer of warranties

BEL offers no warranties, real or implied, regarding the BEL page or any content on the page. Access to the BEL page and the use of its content is at the user’s own risk. All content on the page is provided “AS IS” and BEL is not liable for its use or misuse.

Group Bel Canada Inc. shall not be held liable for damages caused by, but not limited to, service interruptions resulting from a failure of the network, Internet service provider or user’s equipment.

Bel Cheese Canada Inc. is not liable to users or any third party for errors or omissions affecting the content of this page or any matter related to it. Group Bel Canada Inc. grants no express or implied warranties as to the content or any matter relating to the BEL page and, in particular, no warranty of non-infringement, merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose.

Group Bel Canada Inc. cannot, under any circumstances, be held liable for any damages, whether indirect, special or fortuitous, resulting directly or indirectly from the use of or the performance of the BEL page or its content.

Group Bel Canada Inc. assumes no responsibility for damages caused to a user’s computer equipment or any other property as a result of his or her access to or use of the BEL page or downloading of documents, data, text, images, or video or audio files from the BEL page. In addition, it assumes no liability for any viruses that may infect a user’s computer equipment or other property in the above-mentioned cases.

In general, BEL shall not be held liable for any damages, direct or indirect, resulting from the illegal use of the information or any other matter found on the page.


 7. Privacy

As a general rule, Group Bel Canada Inc. advises users of its Facebook page to read the terms of service and the privacy policy of the social media platforms they use to understand how these third parties utilize and protect their personal information.

To protect your privacy and that of others, BEL recommends that you do not include personal information in the comments or content that you post. By “personal information,” we are referring to your home address as well as email addresses, telephone numbers, photos of identifiable persons and any other information defined in Article 3 of the Privacy Act.