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Bring delicacy to your recipes. Boursin® Apple & Maple is a bold gourmet pairing, with an irresistible hint of maple. It’s not only delicious but also comforting for your loved ones or yourself.

The crispness of apples and the silkiness of maple syrup perfectly complement Boursin’s incomparable texture, creating an exceptional sweet and savoury cheese that is a delight to share on a platter during your lunch break or as an appetizer. Try it with arugula or with fresh radishes for a reinvented tradition to enjoy all year round!

Pomme et Érable

Fresh cheese — Available in 150g


– Pasteurized milk and cream
– Maple sugar (3.5%)
– Freeze-dried apples (apples, ascorbic acid, citric acid, calcium chloride) (3.2%)
– Dried pears (pears, dextrose, sulfur dioxyde)
– Salt
– Potassium sorbate
– Bacterial cultures

Contains milk and sulfites.

Made in Quebec with Canadian milk.

The best pairings with this flavour:
On a cheese platter: with fried pears and walnuts.

In gourmet bites: on a cracker with an arugula leaf.

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Apple & Maple: The Best Recipes

Baked Pears with Boursin Apple & Maple

Blinis with Boursin Apple & Maple and Pancetta

Rye Crackers with Boursin Apple & Maple and Arugula